Wild ‘N Out
Season 18

Coming out of the dark, Nick Cannon and MTV's: Wild ‘N Out returns with teams ‘New School’ and ‘Old School’ battling it out for the 18th season.

This season, Fox&Co design were tasked with creating a concert themed show opening sequence and show graphics package.

The challenge? Create a life size concert in full CG, with Nick Cannon leading his teams ‘Old School’ vs ‘New School’ on stage for the performance of a lifetime!

The solution? Using 3D animation, compositing and VFX, we worked to create a virtual music concert with backstage, stage bottom elevation platforms, main stage and crowds to create a unique concert experience for viewers. 

Project Standouts? Producing an opening sequence that fully encapsulates the concert goers experience, right on their screen - from backstage to highly technical toaster jumps and even Nick Cannon crowd surfing!

The end result? A highly technical project that demonstrates Fox&Co ability to handle a project, across continents, from concept and shoot production right through to post production, visual effects and final delivery!

Client: MTV Viacom
Produced & Directed by: Fox & Co Design
Shoot Production by: Fox & Co Design
Executive Producer: Shahir Daud
Creative Directors: Phyo Thu, Nico Speziali
Project Lead: Nico Speziali
Art Director: Nico Speziali, Linus Nelson
Head of Production: Angelique Thorne
Assistant Producer: Addison Andrews
Editor: Shahir Daud
Key & Rotoscope: Rhinestone VFX
Lead Compositor: Amanda Carter
Compositors: Shaun Madgwick, Elena Khrustalyova, Joerg Fuchs
Animators: Nico Speziali, Linus Nelson, Amanda Carter, Shaun Madgwick
Assembly Artist: Shahir Daud


3D Environments

Captains and Performers

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