Wild N' Out Season 15

MTV’s Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out returns for yet another season that sees veteran performers competing against new favourites, in an Old School versus New School battle. Having produced graphics for the last 4 seasons, we were super eager to jump on board for Season 15.

The challenge? Merging a culture that is aesthetically strong, relevant and trendy to those who form part of it, with a graphics package for a television show that would live up to the expectations of the Hip Hop world. With days of research in the bag, we got to work with a focus on reaching an equilibrium of what would be deemed ‘old’ versus ‘new’.

The solution? Having done this before, we looked to find a way to keep the show brand aesthetic and introduce a twist on the overall design approach by building an entire virtual set in 3D. This ensured complete control over the whole design and animation process for us, as we were able to manipulate and change environments to match filmed footage. Each scene was carefully built, crafted and rendered. 

Project standouts? The team meticulously hand painted every scene built within this 3D set. We partnered with a graffiti artist to create some original design interpretations of the Wild ‘N Logo for both Old School and New School. We also enjoyed the technicality in the creation of our character morph, as we transitioned from a filmed shot of Nick Cannon, to a 2D character version of him. 


Director: Shahir Daud
Creative Director: Phyo Thu
Associate Creative Director: Nico Speziali
Producers: Alanna Sulz, Angelique Thorne
Design & Visual Research: Phyo Thu, Nico Speziali, Callum Mudgway
Technical Director: Nico Speziali
3D Animation: Callum Mudgway
2D Animation: Linus Nelson


Lockup Designs

Nick Cartoon Animation

Set Design

Texturing Process

Final Compositions

Previs Animation


This project proved as a testament to the kind of work we pride ourselves on at Fox & Co Design. Not only does it showcase our abilities as a creative team but speaks volumes in terms of our approach on a technical level. With that, we look forward to continuing our journey with both MTV and Wild ’N Out on Season 16.

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