Wild 'N Out
Season 16 & 17

Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out rides back onto the screen for an incredible 16th and 17th season! Wild N Out “In The Dark” pits “Revolution” against “Evolution” in one of the longest running and highest rated comedy improv shows on television.

After leading the on-screen visual design for the last five seasons, Nick and VH1 briefed Fox&Co to reimagine the show as a glimmering light in an apocalyptic wasteland.

The challenge? Create an immersive cinematic experience as Nick Cannon leads his team of comedians and performers to a triumphant homecoming at the newly imagined “Wild N Out Citadel”

The solution? Develop innovative workflows to combine 3D, motion capture, digital doubles, cloth simulations, vehicle design and greenscreen footage with teams across continents.

Project standouts? Being able to combine the pop culture influenced cinematics of Mad Max: Fury Road, Tron Legacy and Akira into a “Wild N Out” experience.

The end result? A true testament to the kind of creative work we pride ourselves on. Bring on Wild N Out Season 16!


Client: MTV Viacom
Produced & Directed by: Fox & Co Design
Executive Producer: Shahir Daud
Executive Creative Director: Phyo Thu
Creative Director: Nico Speziali
Project Lead: Nico Speziali
Senior Producer: Angelique Thorne
Art Director: Linus Nelson
Storyboard Illustrator: Sissi Nguyen
Motion Designer: Linus Nelson, Drewe Clarke
3D Lead: Nico Speziali
3D Modeller: Nay Lin Htaik, Edward Denton, Darren Peach
3D Digital Double: Alexandre Fulgoni
3D Painter: Ruben Del Moral Aldana
3D Animator: Joerg Fuchs, Nigel Upchurch
Lead Compositor: Joerg Fuchs, Nico Speziali
Compositor: Amanda Carter, Drewe Clarke, Phyo Thu, Linus Nelson
Greenscreen Keying: Zhe Gary Li
Motion Capture Filming: Miramar Creative Centre
Motion Capture Body Double: Ryan McIntyre


Digital Double

Motion Capture

Mini Process Animation



Captain and Performers

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