Animated Series, Award Show, Commercial
Client: Logo TV
Artist: Daniel Arzola

Concept, Storyboard, 2D Motion Design, Animation

The LogoTV Trailblazer Awards celebrates leaders at the forefront of LGBTQ equality. For the fourth annual show, we were given the opportunity to show our support by creating ten 45 second original animations highlighting ten LGBTQ pioneers and six 15 second pieces of introductory content featuring the show’s honourees. Provided only a couple of illustrations and a proposed script for each video, we crafted delicate stories that signify how history has come to play a great part in honouring LGBTQ Trailblazers and Gay Pride as a whole.


Client : Logo TV
Executive Producer : Shahir Daud
Producer : Melissa Buisán
Artist/ Illustration : Daniel Arzola
Creative Direction : Phyo Thu
Animation : Hamish Palmer, Nico Speziali, Callum Mudgway, Phyo Thu, Ryan Ferguson, Linus Nelson, Rachelle Smith


Research & Development

Provided only a couple of illustrations and a proposed script for each video, one question came to mind: How were we going to turn two (sometimes unrelated) images into a moving, 45 seconds animated story? We played around with blinking eyes, kissing lips, swaying hair and various head movements. We used projection mapping on a 3D model and pushed our 2D capabilities in order to explore all angles of what we could potentially do with Daniel's artwork. We decided that a mix of classic animation and 2.5D would be the best approach.

Storyboard Process

Creating storyboards for this project was vital, as they enabled us to create the flow of each animation based on 2-3 art pieces from Daniel. Due to the limited amount of artwork we had to work with, storyboarding each concept provided a great proof of concept not only for ourselves, but for the client as well.

Episode 03

Episode 05


Though the storyboards provided a great initial proof of concept, we needed to take it a step further. Therefore, we essentially brought the storyboards to life by creating rough animations timed to a draft voiceover.

Asset Animation

Asset creation presented a bit of a challenge because we needed to develop supporting assets that 1. fit within Daniel Arzola’s world and complimented his artwork; and 2. supported the narrative and strengthened the story as a whole. When creating 3D assets, we needed to find the optimal balance of 3D within the 2D landscape.

For 2D assets, we focused heavily on classic animation techniques and a lot of key frames. In addition, transitions needed to be consistent with the style and have an organic, natural flow.

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