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Client: MTV

Title Sequence Design, Creative, Design & Illustration, Motion

Unlike all of our yearbooks, this is a project we love looking back on. MTV2 approached us to design and animate funky graphics to intertwine within pop-singer Bebe Rexha’s new mini-documentary. The network strives to uphold a “young” and “modern” reputation, so we designed the video package with a similar vibe in mind. From everything from the show opening and motion graphics to title and transition sequences, we're proud of the work that we did for MTV2 and Bebe Rexha as well as the chance for our work to be viewed on national television.

The Mission

MTV2 met with our Creative Director Shahir who recommended us for an upcoming project in need of a graphics package. This would include title cards, transitions, and funky graphics to intertwine within pop-singer Bebe Rexha’s mini-documentary. The network strives to be “young” and “modern” so our work needed to reflect that. After reviewing our previous work, they determined that we were fit to carry out this job.

What's in the Name?

Initially, the working title for the project was, “10 Things You Should Know About Me.” The initial concept was to emphasize the number “10” to make a countdown format for the show to follow. This title denotes a light hearted, happy vibe. To match this, we conceived several bright, colorful logos with varied fonts, cases, shapes, and levels of transparency. Though these designs ultimately weren’t chosen, it gave us a great opportunity to flex our creative muscles and conceive several different avenues for our clients to look at. What was even better was that in this first stage MTV2 gave us a lot of creative freedom as we sought to instill some unique imagery in the product. We designed four concepts and each concept had a logo that corresponded with the style. Our ideas included vibrant nebulous backgrounds, eye catching lower-thirds and upper-thirds.


At first, MTV2 liked the idea of having graphics trail behind Bebe as she walked. This led to a sequence of colors behind her that we made sure paralleled the logo that would appear at the end of this introduction. With our creative juices flowing, we set aside some ideas for how to incorporate what we made into transitions later on.

As with any project, nothing is set in place in the planning stage. After submitting our work to MTV2, they told us that they wanted to go in a different direction that was a little more cohesive with their brand. Specifically, they wanted our visuals to have a more organic feel. We went back to the drawing board and came up with some intricate black and white, hand-drawn typography. To make it look more authentic, we felt it would be a nice touch to show a person drawing the logo onto a t-shirt. MTV2 felt that, while they enjoyed these title cards as well, that they appeared a little to artsy for their product.

Then, the name changed and we approached our designs differently. The new title, “Tracking Back” suddenly represented something else. We got rid of the roundness on the letters to showcase her being a straight-shooting message about how Bebe Rexha rose to the top. Now that we had a better understanding of their brand identity, we knew that with these new designs they should have simple, clean, legible formatting. Then we took the phrase, “Tracking Back” and decided to make it a visual pun. Our designs did this by paralleling a race car track, making backwards “k”s and arrows, and incorporating clocks. We even provided our client with some neat 3D variations.

Simplicity won out and our logo was chosen! We kept purple and yellow, chose a straight font, incorporated an arrow, and included the MTV2 logo in the corner

Transition to Transitions

Once we had our title sequence approved, we knew what kind of style we would have to reference for the transition (commercial break) sequence. This segment needed to be short yet still capture what our design tried to evoke in the opening. Since this documentary had the star visit her old high school, we decided to start with the “rewind” symbol and then move to a purple yearbook with an arrow bookmark that had our logo superimposed within the pages and on the cover. With the logo firmly in place, we were able to concept this idea confidently with a clear-cut aesthetic in mind.

Graphics for EMPHASIS

While Bebe is certainly regarded throughout the documentary as a hard-worker who takes her craft seriously, she is still an inherently young, vibrant person. To parallel that, at different intervals we would emphasise what she was saying with motion graphics.

  • Bebe Rexha throwing glitter in the air photograph

What's the Verdict?

We’re very proud of the work that we did for MTV2 and Bebe Rexha. Through careful planning and collaboration with our client, we were able to contribute to the product in meaningful ways reflective of their message.

We’re proud that our work got the chance to be viewed on national television. We wish nothing but the best for our client and Bebe. Unlike all of our yearbooks, this was one we actually want to look back on. | +64 4 39 20 007
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