10 Reasons Fox & Co. Is A Top Tier Creative Workspace

August 15, 2018

The job hunt can be tough times, commonly plagued with an uncomfortable amount of ambiguity for all parties involved. Striving candidates are challenged to find a workplace that is worth the commitment they’d give and is valuable to their long term plans. Employers are tasked with sifting through applicants hoping they have fitting values and the technical prowess to succeed. And that’s why we’re here. You, us, and a list of 10 candid truths that embody Fox & Co. We share this not in hopes of wooing you (although it’d be nice, we think we’re pretty legit), but to lift the veil of ambiguity and connect with the right talent.

We’re a team, and a whanau, really

In te reo Maori, whanau means family. Lots of workplaces will throw this label around. Not very many authentically feel that way when you settle into your M-F. The small team feel is crucial to us as artists, and we actively take steps to cultivate that culture.

We provide freedom

Unique people deliver unique products. Detailed internal systems have their place, but our creatives have the liberty to do their best work.

We perpetuate genuine feedback

Everyone that comes through our doors has valuable ideas. We gently lead our team to growth by asking open ended questions and listening wholeheartedly always.

We evolve

The creative space is a revolving door of colours and shades of grey. We are as dynamic as the industry we are a part of.

We have team members at every stage in professional development

Having the right professional outlets at work is important for anyone looking to do more in their field. Despite our size, we have a deep international network of industry professionals that we can connect with, including the all-stars under our own roof.

We have distinguished purpose

Our progressive group of critters feel that they are adding value to our company. We learn and enjoy feeling like we have an impact at all levels of our operation.

We make everyone a part of the process

Inclusion is one of our secret ingredients, because we do it like nobody else. The creative process involves experts as much as it does fresh perspectives.

We are global

We build global stories, and support the communities behind them. Whether it be local or international, we put our best foot forward.

We are merit oriented

No politics or hidden agendas. We’re willing to succeed on our own merits - because we believe in ourselves. And we believe in others, too.

We are confident and strong

We push cutting edge ideas that are beyond the ordinary. Our strength resides in our skills to design with intent, meaning, and sensibility.