Top 7 Motion Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

November 29, 2019

With Instagram being one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, it is vital for any motion designer to stay up to date with the most popular motion design Instagram accounts. Luckily for you, we have curated a list of the top 7 motion design Instagram accounts to follow. Whether you’re an aspiring character designer or a veteran animator, Instagram can not only help you market yourself as a qualified designer, but it can also serve as a point of inspiration for those creative dry spells.



@xuxoe is a collection of different creative posts, all based on one underlying weekly theme. With themes ranging from pizza to eyeballs to skateboards, this account will always keep you guessing. While some of the themes might seem unnecessary, the design posts accompanying them are far from that. No matter what your specialty is, whether that be character rigging or cell animation, @xuxoe will provide you with heaps of inspiration points. And if you want to take the extra step, you can try to get your work featured by submitting artwork if it fits within the upcoming week’s theme.



James Curran (aka SlimJim Studios) is an LA-based animator who creates both 2D and 3D work. Curran is quite expressive in all that he does, making his work a playful spot for colourful animation inspiration. His account is perfect after a long day of rigging and rendering because who doesn’t want to unwind to animated GIFs of stomping sumo wrestlers? (Certainly not us). 



Jonathan Lindgren is a London-based 3D animator and designer who specialises in a variety of different kinds of motion design. While Lindgren hasn’t been active lately, his earlier work demonstrates his versatility, showing off both an edgy and cute side. Often times, motion designers stick to what they know, making it easy to distinguish one designer from another. However, Lindgren exhibits his multifaceted talent through his diverse work, making every post distinctively different from the next. His works consist of adorable 3D renders, creative isometric designs, and even some mixed media designs. With such a varied skill set, Lindgren offers much to the design community.  



What separates Golden Wolf from other accounts is their constant flow of work-in-progress posts. While often overlooked, work-in-progress projects are another great way to use your network to grow as a designer. As a motion designer, seeing different techniques is a great way to get inspiration for how to take on a similar task in the future. In fact, after asking two of our animators about what they look for in a motion design Instagram account, they both explained that behind the scenes provide valuable insights into how designs come to life. The work-in-progress shots that Golden Wolf publishes serve as a great way to introduce new tips and tricks for designers of any skill.



@motiondesigners is another classic collection of the best motion design posts on Instagram. With over 285,000 followers, this account is a great source for discovering amazing motion designers across the world. Pulling posts from the US to Spain to Sweden, it is no wonder @motiondesigners is one of the best accounts to follow for global design trends. Aside from providing inspiration, this account also hosts events and provides answers to popular design questions. It is truly the hub for all things design. 



Chris ‘Crispe’ Phillips is another fun illustrator and animator based in Sydney. Not only does Phillips have impeccable design skills, he also has an amazing sense of humour that is reflected in all of his posts. Phillips explains his style as quirky short form animation and he does not disappoint. If we were to describe his work in two words it would definitely be cheeky and relatable. Phillips is another designer we highly recommend you follow for his humour and skills. 

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Day three: a self portrait I did a few years ago! I’m deaf and I wear a cochlear implant. I want to represent more deaf related stuff in my art. Fun fact: the way you write deaf is very important! There’s a huge difference between lower case ‘deaf’ and uppercase ‘Deaf.’ ‘deaf’ refers to the disability and ‘Deaf’ means you’re part of the Deaf community. Although I’m disabled, I am not part of the Deaf community as they’re quite exclusionary of those who get cochlear implants as they feel it takes away your deaf identity. They feel like it’s cheating. ??‍♀️ Nothing I can do about that and I’m glad I’m able to hear with my cochlear implant but I respect their opinions.

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Because of the lack of representation and diversity in the animation industry, it’s important to look to a community of people with different backgrounds who face similar challenges. is a collection of posts from women, trans and non-binary individuals in the animation world. The founders aim to create a safe space that empowers their followers, as well as maintain a healthy balance across the gender spectrum and among different ethnicities. Their account is an amazing platform for support, inspiration, and knowledge exchange for people of all backgrounds. While they acknowledge that there is still much room to grow, the Panimation community serves as a great starting point for creating more diversity in the animation and motion design world.


While Instagram is only one of the many places we find design ideas, we hope our list of motion design Instagram accounts have helped spark some inspiration. We are always looking for awesome motion design accounts as well, so if we missed any of your favourite accounts, feel free to send them over to our Instagram @foxandcodesign.