The future of advertising with mobile video

February 17, 2021


Future of advertising with mobile video banner

2020 saw the world come to a standstill with countries going into lockdown across the globe. As people were forced to stay in doors, they picked up their mobile devices. Not only did this mean that people were now spending more time on social media than ever before, but they were consuming content they may not have been previously exposed to.

With this, brands had to very quickly come online, and along with it, their budget spend. No longer was there a focus on OOH campaigns but rather, a shift to the screens people held in their very hands.

Once Television Commercials were booming and dominating the world of advertising, but the focus has now changed. The small, but mighty, mobile phone screen is now front and centre.  Google reported that 6 out of 10 people would rather watch videos online than watch television.

Viewing on mobile comes uninterrupted, as opposed to TV which is only taking full attention from viewers just a measly 28% of the time. The rest of the time, viewers’ attention is interrupted with eating, chatting or scrolling through social media accounts.

you have 1.7 seconds to grab attention

Now that brands have caught on to mobile-first ad placements, they need to pivot their creative approach to effectively maximise the small screen. Advertisers are no longer solely focused on the ‘big idea’ but instead are being pushed to look at and consider various platforms in the development of their cross-channel strategies. This is not an easy task, but when navigated correctly, can bring great results.

There’s more to mobile video than just filmed content. The world of animation and CG provides endless opportunities for brands to create unique advertisements, far beyond what is achievable with filming. While in lock down, when traditional ways of producing content has become near impossible, brands are pivoting projects into a digital production space.

Mobile Video doesn't just command our attention. It's also emerging as the best way to explore products and offers, engage with brands and start conversations online, before making informed purchasing decisions. Consumers far prefer watching video content, than having to sift through copy to find the information they’re looking for.

With Facebook, Youtube and Instagram offering a large reach - 2.6 billion on facebook 2 billion on Youtube and 1 billion on instagram, the marketplace is more competitive than ever before, with a meer 1.7 seconds to grab a viewers attention. Coupled with this is a constant need for new, fresh and engaging content across all platforms.

 With that being said, the creative industry has shifted into a new playing field and are looking to creatives to innovate and come up with viable solutions in support of brands pivoting their marketing approaches. We’re moving into an era where building systems to support creative ideas that are responsive, engaging and forward thinking, will become the key to brand success. With people spending more time on social media, will we see brands start to sacrifice quality for quantity to keep up with demand?


- Fox & Co Team