GFX Package, Title Sequence Design, Explainer
Client: NZRU
Production: Cereal TV

Creative, Design & Illustration, Motion

Rugby Smart was developed jointly by New Zealand Rugby and ACC. It is an interactive video for rugby coaches and referees to help prevent rugby injuries and encourage peak performance.
We were asked to create the 2D and 3D content for the interactive video. Being one of our bigger projects, this was a great opportunity to put all of our knowledge of Motion Design to the test.


Creative Direction : Phyo Thu
3D Modelling Lead : Tony Moore
3D Modelling : Callum Mudgway
Texturing : Callum Mudgway, Nico Speziali
Lighting & Rendering : Nico Speziali, Phyo Thu
3D Motion Design : Nico Speziali, Phyo Thu
2D Motion Design : Nico Speziali, Hamish Palmer
Compositing : Nico Speziali, Phyo Thu


Transitions & Bumpers

Rugby Smart Injury Prevention Explainer


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