Podcasting 101: Google Podcasts creator program + PRX

We’re excited to showcase “Podcasting 101,” a video series created in partnership with Google and PRX. 

Hosted by Luvvie Ajayi (“Rants and Randomness,” “Jesus and Jollof”) and Sean Rameswaram (Vox Media’s “Today, Explained”), “Podcasting 101” covers the basics of podcasting from interview techniques, recording audio, editing, making money, distribution and how to engage with your audience.

Fox&Co was responsible for scriptwriting in collaboration with PRX, through to live-action production, animation and post production.

Have a look at the 10-part series here.



Executive Producer: Shahir Daud
Creative Director: Phyo Thu
Project Lead: Nico Speziali
Producers: Alanna Sulz, Melissa Buisán, Charlie Bleakley
Art Direction: Nico Speziali
Technical Director: Nico Speziali
Storyboard: Linus Nelson
Illustration: Linus Nelson, Daniel Chai
2D Animation: Linus Nelson, Callum Mudgway
3D Animation and 3D Rigging: Nico Speziali, Callum Mudgway
3D Lighting and Rendering: Nico Speziali
Compositing: Nico Speziali, Chris Maessen
Editor: Shahir Daud

Director: Shahir Daud
Director of Photography: Brandon Ripley
Assistant Camera: Chase Scott
Set PA: Ross Conner
Gaffer: Stephen Meierding
DIT: Shahir Daud
Key Makeup Artist: Tara Lauren
Key Costumer: Harrison Crite
Teleprompter Operator: Zack Breheney
Sound Operator: Brett Ainslie
Hosts: Luvvie Ajayi and Sean Rameswaram
Writers: Charlie Bleakley, Kerry Donahue, Mark Pagán, Lindsay Abrams

PRX Producers: Kerry Donahue, Mark Pagán, Linday Abrams
PRX Training Co-ordinator: Shaneez Tyndall


3D Animation

2D Animation

Early Explorations

Live Action Planning

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