Pinata Website Illustration

We were approached by Pinata, a leading media management company for NFT creators and developers, to create 5 unique 3D scene renders for their website. Using 5 different environments, the team designed, built and composed assets to create an underwater scene, an outdoor festivities scene, an office scene, an outdoor festivities scene, and a generic, evergreen, branded scene.

Over the one month project production, our creative team was tasked with brainstorming the 5 illustrations, incorporating the Pinata brand look and feel, within a set of dynamic, fun and unique 3D scenes.

Our client’s main objective was to represent each of their pricing packages, through a series of cohesive illustrations.

Our approach was to develop an illustrative style that would speak directly to the kind of person that each pricing pack was best suited to, through the inclusion of quirky, relatable objects to make up the composition, bringing each to life by incorporating colours and textures that play together in a sophisticated harmony.

Clean, bright, modern, and minimalist approach, rooted in our client's brand, delivered an end result that we’re incredibly proud of.

Client: Pinata
Produced & Directed by: Fox&Co Design
Executive Producer: Shahir Daud
Creative Director: Nico Speziali
Art Director: Linus Nelson
Head of Production: Ange Thorne
Concept Artist: Freddie Hottinger
Lead 3D Animator: Linus Nelson


Image Process

Look and Texture Development

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