Inside Motion Design Meetups: A Date Night with National Park Studios

October 3, 2016

Since 2013, Motion Design Meetups have gathered a collective of motion design enthusiasts, hobbyists, newbies and veterans from all over Wellington to celebrate and discuss the work of designers in a myriad of disciplines from 2D and 3D animation, to illustration and audio/visual effects. Our key mission: shape a community to share experience, work, and nuggets of wisdom while inspiring each other to achieve and create more.

Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting a Motion Design Meetup with National Park Studios,  a boutique animation studio with serious charm in stop-motion animation. Located above a hilltop inside Wellington’s botanical gardens, we were greeted with sunny walls of miniature office models, a chocolate-inked print and quirky hybrid animal portraits. As we made our way around the office, we entered the studio where magic and hard work breathes life into makeshift objects, and desks were organised in orderly chaos with multiple computer screens and tablets. Snacks were served and drinks were passed around as conversation brewed an exchange of life experiences, ideas, passions, and laughter.

Steffan Kreft, a designer and animator of National Park Studio, opened the stage with his Lifeswap project that evolved in cooperation with Goethe Institut in Germany and the New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade. The animated series follows the adventures and misadventures two young men, Jörg and Duncan, from Germany and New Zealand respectively, living each other’s lives for one year as they explore the idiosyncrasies of life in the other’s culture through the lens of their own. For those of whom have lived in delight, frustrations and misunderstandings of different cultural exchanges, Lifeswap is such a series that certainly tickled our funny bone while we explored their stories with open eyes and hearts.

Throughout the night, we shared, inspired and celebrated various projects created by fellow design enthusiasts and friends. From showcasing our Fox & Co. Anniversary project to marveling at open data animation and even reviewing a gallery of animated designs on instagram, there’s always a story to tell!

Amid a crowd of creatives, we revelled in a night that captured how design and culture thrives in the company of those who support and create what we like to do best. In pursuit of creativity, hustle and heart, Motion Design Meetups have been a union of creators and collaborators who strive to bring their craft to life across different mediums. We hope you can attend our next meetup as we welcome you with open arms to a band of merry motion makers and minglers.

Stay tuned to the meetup space for upcoming dates!