MrBeast YouTube Gameshow

YouTube Original Creator, MrBeast hosted a live, Rock Paper Scissors tournament to raise money for charity.  Not only was this YouTube’s most-watched live original ever, but MrBeast raised over $1million for charity amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Working alongside Fly on the Wall Productions and Content 23 Media, Fox & Co Design created a full live show graphics package, informed by MrBeast’s brand identity.

Incorporating an existing brand aesthetic into a live show format, meant that our approach needed to be adaptable and responsive. After hours of brand research we quickly observed nuisances and quirks that would inform our approach to the design and animation on this project. Second to this, we quickly became knowledgeable on the requirements of live show formats, something we’d never done before.

As this would be MrBeast’s first live YouTube stream, our aim was to translate his brand identity into this video format while accommodating the spontaneity of live broadcast. We kept the overall brand aesthetic but introduced a strong font family and design style that was interpreted across all show elements.

The team worked carefully to incorporate the brand’s primary colour palette throughout each element to make sure that in any eventuality, there would be visual synergy onscreen. Along with the usual list of show elements, we built a secondary library of quirky assets that could be used on the fly as the opportunity presented itself.

This project would be the first YouTube live show for the Fox & Co Design team. We had the honour of working closely with a production team who shared technical insights as we navigated through the possibilities and parameters of creative approaches on this platform, all done within a very tight one week production timeline.

Not only did the team step up to the challenge, but we learnt how to push ourselves on a creative and technical level in a new space, despite the limitations of a world in lockdown, with a stellar result of over 600 000 live views on the show in support of such a worthy cause.


Executive Producer: Shahir Daud
Creative Director: Phyo Thu
Art Director: Nico Speziali
Design & Visual Research: Phyo Thu, Nico Speziali
Lead Animator/ Compositor: Phyo Thu, Nico Speziali
2D Artist: Hamish Palmer
Producer: Angelique Thorne
Production: Fly on the Wall, Content 23 Media, Stageten Productions


Show Time!



The Fox & Co team were agile and creative. We did what we do best. Using our passion for storytelling and creativity, we contributed towards creating awareness of the Covid19 virus through this social campaign. As a team, we relied on our internal resources and skill sets and this, along with the construction of an efficient workflow, allowed us to quickly respond to what was happening in the world around us. | +64 4 39 20 007
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