Motion for Mobile

Promotion Video

Fox&Co has launched a product that makes world class creative accessible to businesses by producing tailored video for Social Media.

Motion for Mobile is for brands that share similar passions to us. It’s for the alternative brands, the sustainable brands, the brands with a voice wanting to be heard. The brand’s doing things differently. MFM helps them stand out from the noise, with scroll stopping video content for their social platforms.

The challenge? Package an internal ‘lockdown’ project into a social media product for Brands. To achieve this, our team would produce an animated promo and full brand identity for the product.

The solution? Through script and carefully considered art direction and 3D animation, we highlight our vision - bringing world class creative to social media. Fun, fresh, dynamic and snackable. Our team developed a full brand identity, injecting vibrant colours, patterns and typography into the animation. To elevate our promo video further, we collaborated with our friends at Wolf.Horse to compose an original track.

The end result? A lockdown project success story! A promo and brand that ultimately fulfills everything that Motion for Mobile strives to become! It’s a standout, scroll stopping piece that we’re incredibly proud of, and it's totally accessible to businesses in New Zealand, and across the globe!

Our team is incredibly proud of this project. Motion for Mobile has been born out of our passion for quality creative work and we feel that this piece truly showcases our passion and ability to make quality creative more accessible.


Produced & Directed by: Fox&Co Design
Creative Director: Nico Speziali
Producer: Angelique Thorne, Addison Andrews
Art Director: Nico Speziali, Linus Nelson
Graphic Designer: Sean Walker
3D Modeller: Felipe Medina Contreras
Animator: Linus Nelson
Audio and Sound Design: Wolf.Horse


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