Meet the Team: Q&A with Hamish

November 9, 2017

Who are you and what is your role at Fox&Co?

Hey there... I'm the 2D Guy at Fox&Co, I pretty much work on most things non 3D related.

How did you end up working at Fox&Co?

Nah, Just a bit of good fortunes really. I just finished study at Yoobee and was working on some freelance with Phyo when he started the company, so essentially I’ve been here since day one!

So Yeah… Destiny…

Photo courtesy of Madison Abernethy

What are you most excited to achieve at Fox&Co?

Working in such a young company really gives me a chance to learn a wide arrange of skills really quickly. Which really gives me the opportunity to move a senior creative position quickly. If I get flown to New York on a company’s expenses that’s when I know I’ll have made it...

Where do you look for inspiration?

My first port of call is Motionographer or Instagram. Otherwise if it’s a style specific work that i’m looking for I’d check out one of my favourite studios in that style. For instance, Golden Wolf, Buck, Le Cube, The Line and Giant Ant.

What does a typical day at Fox&Co look like for you?

Lots of coffee. Plus I’m affectionately known as the Orange Guy and the Dip Guy... aaand the Beer Guy…

What does make working at Fox&Co special?

The team! Having a small team environment is key and having such a young brand really leaves the door open for me to help the company figure out where they want to go. Which also gives me the chance to grow my design skills alongside it. Also going out for beer every Friday is a plus.

What would you like to learn while working at this company?

Everything… No, I’d essentially like to develop my own style of animation/illustration and move more into an art director's role. I’d also like to improve my storytelling skills and make an animated short film – which is hopefully not too far out into the future.

If you could be any animated character, who would you be?

Scooby Doo. He’s a bit of a goofball and I like that. (Thomas the Train is a close second though!)