Live X Live in partnership with Live Nation Urban brought to life a 90 minute Juneteenth Special celebrating the end of slavery, African American Culture and achievements through unifying language and music streamed across all Live x Live and digital platforms.

Working alongside Live X Live we created a digital broadcast package that would elevate and celebrate black culture.

In doing this, we worked with a colour palette symbolic of the Afro American Liberation Flag. We carefully created imagery that was inclusive and emphasised unity, strength and positivity in celebration of how far the world has come, and symbolic of how far it still has to go.

Working on projects with such deep rooted history can be challenging. Our approach to these visuals relied on the contributions of our team members. Being so diverse allowed us to debate, at length, the impact our creativity would have on the world, ensuring always that we were inclusive, considerate, respectful and empowering.


Lower Thirds & Titles

Background Loops




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