Happy Holidays

At Fox & Co, our critters love nothing more than to rise to a challenge, especially one that gets you in the holiday mood. Working alongside Drum Agency, we created an animated video for FTI Consulting, an independent global business advisory firm.

Seems simple, so wherein lies the challenge?

FTI has offices located across the globe, thus the video needed to be considerate and inclusive of all cultural barriers (this included religious and language barriers). The video had to highlight diversity, with a focus on how this builds strength.

Our solution to the challenge: dancing! Nothing brings people together like dancing. It’s universal and without exception. No matter where you are in the world, a good piece of music is bound to get your toes tapping. With that, we produced 7 versions of the animated holiday video, each accommodating different languages, and localisms.

Have a look at the video and our explorations below to see how the video came to life.

Happy viewing and happy holidays!


Client: FTI Consulting
Agency: DRUM
Executive Producer:
Shahir Daud
Creative Director: Phyo Thu
Producer: Alanna Sulz
R&D and Initial Concept: Phyo Thu, Nico Speziali
Styleframes: Phyo Thu, Callum Mudgway
Character Design: Callum Mudgway
2D Animation: Linus Nelson, Callum Mudgway
3D Animation and 3D Rigging: Callum Mudgway, Nico Speziali
3D Lighting and Rendering: Callum Mudgway
Graphic Design: Nico Speziali
Compositing: Callum Mudgway


Character Exploration

Animation Test

Final Character Design

No matter what part of the world people live in, they do one thing in common to celebrate -
they move to the beat and dance.


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