Fox & Co Animation

Golden Road Fruit Cart Seltzer

2D ANIMATION, Social Media
Campaign, Commercial

Creative Challenge

Anheuser-Busch approached Fox&Co to create a series of social media videos for the release of their new refreshing hard seltzers inspired by the iconic fruit cart vendors of Los Angeles. In a ‘Grab a Seltzer and meet us at the pool’ themed series, our challenge was to bring the colourful, vibrant world of the Fruit Cart Seltzer to life through a series of animated social videos.

Our Solution

In keeping with the vibrancy of the Golden Road brand, Fox&Co worked to keep the elements of the design aesthetic but introduce the bright and bubbly features of the seltzer into each animation. The design approach was stylished, considered and lush. Fun, yet mature. We aimed to create a flexible design and illustration that encapsulated the movement and vibrancy of the liquid housed within the can. The first step was to create an organic and fresh look for the Seltzer,  that screamed ‘we’re the new kid on the block’.  Fox&Co collectively rallied behind pop art style images that burst from the screen into the audience’s imagination, taking them on a visionary escape.

Along with the animated graphics, Fox&Co developed an audio bed that complimented each of the social animations to establish a sense of familiarity through the introduction of a common thread through music and sound design. Fox&Co delivered an animation series bringing a pool party to life in multiple formats for social media.

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