Golden Road Fruit Cart Seltzer

Social Media Campaign
Client: Anheuser-Busch

Golden Road Brewing were whipping up a new beverage and Fox&Co were given the honor of brewing up a design worthy of introducing this new drink to the world. Our aim? To create a vibrant set of animations, that immersed the viewers into a pool party escape!

40 days turnaround. 12 freelancers from around the globe. 12 different time zones. 5 videos delivered. We worked around the clock, literally.





We aimed to create a flexible design and illustration that encapsulated the movement and vibrancy of the liquid housed within the can. Our first step was to create an organic and fresh look for the Seltzer,  that screamed ‘we’re the new kid on the block’. 

As we explored, we collectively rallied behind pop art style images that burst from the screen into the audience's imagination, taking them on a visionary escape.

Frame by Frame Animation Process

In order to deliver these in such a quality that we are happy with, we needed to work around the clock. Strategically, we worked with the illustrator and the animator who live on the other side of the world to make it happen. We took advantage of the timezone and set the production schedule to be in our favor. Our creative directors and producers created a clear brief and short lists for the animators in Australia, Brazil and Argentina. As New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of time, we were able to set up a zoom call to provide feedback without losing any precious time.

Mobile Ready

As per the usual Fox&Co way, we were always one step ahead, solving the brief from all angles. So as our ‘pool party’ was coming to life, we ensured that our designs were capable of multiple formats - landscape, Instagram square and Instagram Story.  


Hard work paid off - the end product was received with enthusiasm and admiration from Golden Road Brewing. 

All in all, a job well done. | +64 4 39 20 007
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