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Fox&Co is officially two years old! (They grow up so fast, don’t they?). To celebrate this milestone, we created a colourful animation that represents our journey over the past two years. While brainstorming for this project, we were not only able to look back on all that we’ve accomplished during this second year, but we also used it as a way to challenge ourselves. One of our goals for Year Three is to seamlessly incorporate 2D and 3D design, and this animation was the nudge we needed. More than just a project, this was a labour of love. We can’t wait to see where our voyage takes us this year.


Creative Direction: Phyo Thu
Art Direction: Nico Speziali
Character Design: Hamish Palmer
Producer: Melissa Buisán
2D Animation:  Hamish Palmer
3D Design: Nico Speziali, Phyo Thu, Callum Mudgway
3D Animation:  Nico Speziali, Phyo Thu
Compositing: Nico Speziali, Phyo Thu
Music: Ross Bugden


Initial Concept

Character Development

3D Development


  • Illustration fo Fox&Co ship for the birthday voyage

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