Fox & Co's First Birthday

September 2, 2016

Happy birthday to us!

It’s been a long year, and a busy one, since we started up Fox & Co. We’ve drunk more than 2300 cups of coffee, helped grow the Motion Design Wellington meetup community to 99 people, and stayed at the office for a lot of late nights. Over these past twelve months, we’ve gone from startup to Starbucks, and we couldn’t have done it without our awesome clients.Today we’re celebrating how far we’ve come since we were founded, and how far we’re going to go.

In that spirit, here are some of Fox & Co.’s firsts and favorites this year…

First Explainer Animation


Our first explainer video was for Storyshed, an infographic design company that works with a lot of confidential information. We pulled out all the stops for this one, making this elegant, minimalistic video for Storyshed to show off.

First 3D Visualisation


This 3D visualisation for Ghost, a hoverboard start-up, looks good enough to ride. We had a lot of fun testing the product, too...

First International Client

SixtyFour Films

Our first international client was Sixtyfour Films, a video production company based in Sydney. We had a lot of fun making this Me Bank ad for them.

First Television Commercial

Inside Out Magazine September issue

We did the 3D motion design for this Inside Out Magazine TV commercial. That first commercial’s led to more and more Fox & Co. on the small screen: check out our work page for Mountain Dew, Me Bank and more.

First Blog Post

Explain Your Business Or Idea in a Simple and Stunning Way

Want to reach and engage with your audience? Our first blog post shows you how to do that with explainer videos.

First New Employee

Nico Speziali

Our first new employee was Squirrel, our senior motion designer. With over a decade of experience, his skill with 3D and 2D motion design has helped to shape Fox & Co over the past year.

First Title Animation Design

Rugby Smart 2016

We went with a futuristic, super-slick design for Rugby Smart’s 2016 campaign. If you look closely at the stage, you’ll see that we designed it to look like the inside of a rugby ball.

Favourite Game

Our Friday-afternoon game of the year is Left 4 Dead 2, a classic zombie shooter that’s perfect way to unwind with some drinks.

Favorite Inspiration Blog

As creators, we never stop learning and sharpening our skills. For designers looking for inspiration and the latest cool motion design, we recommend Motionographer.


We've come a long way this year, but we're even more excited for the next one. Working as a creative studio, there's always something new, and we're looking forward to the new challenges and creative ideas to come.