Fox&Co Turns 2!

November 7, 2017

That’s right, this past September we celebrated Fox&Co’s 2nd birthday! The last 365ish days have been filled with hard work, late nights, creativity, excitement and lots of coffee! As we turn 2, we’re looking back at the memories and milestones that happened along the way.

This year, we worked on a lot of interesting projects, collaborated with some amazing clients and really took the opportunity to sharpen our skills. We could go on and on about our various projects, but we’ll spare you and let our showreel do the talking. Take a look below for some of our most recent and proudest work.

We wouldn’t have made it to where we are without all of your support and, of course, our incredible crew of critters. With that, check out some of our favourite moments and quotes from the past year.

Describe the past year in one word:

Phyo, Fox, Founder & Creative Director: Triumph
Nico, Squirrel, Motion Designer: SUPERBUSY
Melissa, Doe, Producer: Lit (AF)
Hamish, Racoon, Motion Designer: Hisotyr!
Callum, Deer, Motion Designer: Exhausilarating (exhausting & exhilarating)

Favourite Friday lunch spot:

Phyo: The Ramen Shop
Nico: The Bresolin
Melissa: Five Boroughs
Hamish: The pub...
Callum: The Ramen Shop

Most memorable quote at the office:

Phyo: “Nice Draft. When can we see the final?”
Nico: “Butterflieeeeeees”
Melissa: “Everyone’s a pickle. PICKLE RICK.”
Hamish: “Little Bits”

For more cheeky quotes and insight into the Fox&Co crew, check out the full team interview HERE.

Finally, we just want to give a big thank you to everyone who has been part of the Fox&Co voyage so far and helping us make this year unforgettable! Here’s to year three!