Flux Federation

Branded Explainer

Flux Federation, is an SaaS company providing enterprise level billing solutions to global energy retailers.

Working with Flux Federation, Fox&Co were tasked with producing a brand video for the Flux website that would elevate the brand but also serve as an explanation of the business and the solutions they offer to their customers.

The challenge? Create a video that would explain the brand and effectively communicate the product offering by simplifying complex concepts and systems.

The solution? Using a script provided to us by the client, we worked to cohesively map out the video in a series of storyboards to ensure that the brand message was clear and the product easy to understand. Using a fibre optic cable as our narrative device, we explored how we’d transition between scenes to visually elevate and support the voiced narrative. Our team then injected the brand look and feel into the creative treatment, building 3D assets and bringing the piece to life with 3D animation and compositing.

The end result? A brand video that at a glance, is an extension of the Flux Federation brand and effectively tells the brand story whilst unpacking their product solutions.

This video is an example of the intricacies in creating and crafting 3D environments that not only elevate brands, but also elevate the brand message. We’re incredibly proud of the end result and are particularly happy with how it seamlessly integrates with our clients web page.
Client: Flux Federation
Produced & Directed by: Fox & Co Design
Creative Director: Nico Speziali
Head of Production: Angelique Thorne
Art Director: Nico Speziali, Linus Nelson, Freddie Hottinger
Lead Animator: Linus Nelson
3D Animators: Linus Nelson, Nico Speziali
Compositors: Linus Nelson


Look Development



Animation Breakdown

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