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Flux Federation

Flux Federation
3D Animation, BRANDED CONTENt, explainer

Creative Challenge

Flux Federation, is an SaaS company providing enterprise level billing solutions to global energy retailers. Working with Flux Federation, Fox&Co were tasked with producing a brand video for the Flux company website that would elevate the brand but also serve as a simple, accessible explanation of the business and the solutions they offer to their customers.

Our Solution

Using a script provided to us by the client, Fox&Co worked to cohesively map out the video in a series of storyboards to ensure that the brand message was clear and the product easy to understand. Fox&Co injected the brand look and feel into the creative treatment and design style, building 3D assets and bringing the piece to life with 3D animation and compositing. Using a fibre optic cable as the narrative device, the team explored scene transitions that would seamlessly piece together a cohesive narrative flow highlighting various complex aspects of the Flux Federation business in a simple but effective way.

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