Global Brand Theatre Explainer

EYELEVEL is a global company that crafts and realises engaging customer experiences for global brands. They approached us with a brief to create an animated explainer video to articulate what they do.

We worked closely with EYELEVEL to create a 90-second animation to communicate the company’s services, personality, and spirit. We had the opportunity to tackle the project from conception to final delivery, including the following: storyboard, illustration, animatic, sound design, and animation.

The aim of the video was to help others understand their business, empower their employees to share their story consistently, and introduce the concept of Global Brand Theatre. The challenge? We needed to formulate a globally accessible message that could be understood across EYELEVEL’s offices throughout the world. In short, the video could not include voiceover or on-screen text.

We created an expressive and visually engaging explainer animation that communicated their complex process in an understandable way and went beyond the client’s expectations.


Creative Director : Phyo Thu
Producer : Melissa Buisán
Junior Producer : Alanna Sulz
Art Director : Nico Speziali

R&D, Initial Concept & Storyboard : Ryan Ferguson
Concept : Phyo Thu, Nico Speziali
Storyboard : Phyo Thu
Character Design : Felipe Medina
Illustration : Martin Orza, Nico Speziali, Linus Nelson
Animation : Hamish Palmer, Linus Nelson, Nico Speziali
Sound Design : Ant Smith


Landing Page Animation

We gained an in-depth understanding of EYELEVEL’s brand throughout the animation process. From there, we continued to work hand in hand with EYELEVEL to create branded solutions for their website and social media platforms. We delivered their brand messaging through looping animations and static images for their website, in addition to social media assets.

Instagram Panorama

Character Development

Isometric Development

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