Short Animation
Client: Tikipunk
Creative, Design & Illustration, Motion

In an effort to encourage vaccination against Covid-19, Fox & Co collaborated with Tikipunk Studios to produce a 2D animation, motivating young Māori and Pasifika New Zealanders to protect themselves, their whānau and the wider community.

The project looked to encourage individuals within the chosen demographic to fight against the ‘Misinformation Monster’, and boost Covid-19 vaccination rates within a community that was falling behind.

While vaccination rates were seeing an upward trend, the message looked to communicate an importance in knowledge and understanding of the dangers of misinformation, and how the vaccine could protect themselves and their loved ones.

The action-packed 2D animation was created in Adobe Animate, After Effects and cel animation in Toon Boom Harmony. Cel animation, also known as Traditional Animation, is the technique of using frame-by-frame, hand drawn stills, that are presented in quick succession to create a moving piece, as seen in the fast-paced, punchy fight sequences.

We also used Unreal Engine, a real-time 3D creation tool, to create the intricate backgrounds. From Selena’s bedroom, to the dark and creepy underworld where the Misinformation Monster resides, Unreal Engine allowed us to create and insert complex environments, giving the piece atmosphere and depth.

We loved working on such a fun and poignant project with Tikipunk Studios, and are proud to have contributed to such an important piece of messaging.


Produced & Directed by: Fox&Co Design
Creative Director: Jacob Luamanuvae-Su'a, Phyo Thu
Art Director: Freddie Hottinger
Producer: Angelique Thorne, Addison Andrews
Illustrators: Lincoln Moa, Freddie Hottinger, Sissi Nguyen, Guillaume Martel
Animators: Freddie Hottinger, Sissi Nguyen, Guillaume Martel
Audio and Sound Design: Big River Creative

The Challenge

Character Design

Environment Design

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