Tikipunk Episode 3

You Can’t Hurt Me

In collaboration with Tikipunk Studios, Fox&Co Design were briefed to produce a 3-part animated series for the Ministry of Youth Development. With each new episode, the animated videos were produced as part of a project aimed at Māori and Pasifika youth - addressing various important social issues. The topics covered messages encouraging youths to get vaccinated against Covid-19, focus on their mental health and wellbeing and in this last instalment, to take a stand against bullying.

The challenge? Create a visually appealing, dynamic animated video series that would resonate with audiences across Aotearoa and inspire them to take action against bullying in their communities.

The solution? We looked to Studio Ghibli as a source of stylistic inspiration for the team. We’re all huge fans of the studio’s work and their ability to allow the viewer to become fully immersed in the fantastical, visually-stunning worlds, while also carrying a beautiful and poignant narrative.

The end result? The action-packed 2D animated series was created in Adobe Animate, After Effects and cel animation in Toon Boom Harmony. Cel animation, also known as Traditional Animation, is the technique of using frame-by-frame, hand drawn stills, that are presented in quick succession to create a moving piece, as seen in the fast-paced, punchy fight sequences.

To elevate the immersive viewing experience, we used Unreal Engine, a real-time 3D creation tool, to create the intricate backgrounds. From Selena’s bedroom, to the dark and creepy underworld where the Misinformation Monster resides in Episode 1. By using Unreal Engine we were able to create and insert complex environments, enhancing atmosphere and depth.

This series of animated videos is exactly the kind of creative work our team is passionate about. Creating visual narratives that make an impact on our audiences whilst encouraging meaningful change.
Client: Tikipunk Studios
Produced & Directed by: Fox&Co Design
Creative Director: Jacob Luamanuvae-Su'a, Nico Speziali
Assistant Creative Director: Freddie Hottinger
Art Director: Freddie Hottinger
Head of Production: Ange Thorne
Producer: Addison Andrews
Illustrators: Lincoln Moa, Freddie Hottinger, Sissi Nguyen
Lead Animator: Hamish Palmer
2D Animators: Freddie Hottinger, Sissi Nguyen
Junior 2D Animators: Maya Louw, Mason Garner
Compositing: Freddie Hottinger, Hamish Palmer, Linus Nelson, Phyo Thu
Audio and Sound Design: Big River Creative


Environment Design

Character Design

Title Design

Asset Design

Animation Breakdown

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