PSA for COVID 19

Fox & Co created a Covid19 PSA of our own! Acknowledging the need for effective messaging during this time, our creatives got to work producing this lighthearted series of 5 social snackables which we hoped would not only entertain, but resonate with our audience. And we did it, within a week!

As the world navigated through these uncertain times, our team became incredibly aware of the mundane nature of messages being shared on social platforms. We wanted to create a campaign that would cut through the clutter with some beautiful design, carefully considered animation and lighthearted humor to bring just a moment of joy to our viewers.

And, because we remained committed to being #inthistogether, we joined forces with the super talented Defacto Sound team, who jumped on board to create some rad sound design and audio mixes for our campaign.


Produced & Directed by: Fox & Co Design
Creative Director: Phyo Thu
Associate Creative Director: Nico Speziali
Art Direction: Nico Speziali
Character Design: Hamish Palmer
Animation: Hamish Palmer, Phyo Thu, and Callum Mudgway
Written by: Angelique Thorne
Audio and Sound Design: Fox & Co Design in collaboration with Defacto Sound


Early Sketches

Animation Snippets



The Fox & Co team were agile and creative. We did what we do best. Using our passion for storytelling and creativity, we contributed towards creating awareness of the Covid19 virus through this social campaign. As a team, we relied on our internal resources and skill sets and this, along with the construction of an efficient workflow, allowed us to quickly respond to what was happening in the world around us. | +64 4 39 20 007
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