Fox&Co. turns 3!

Yep, you read that right, Fox&Co Design has officially turned three years old. This past year has been our busiest yet, filled with late nights (and too much take-out), exciting projects (be on the lookout for our updated reel), and lovely clients (new and returning)!

We decided to pump the breaks for a night to take a step back and realise how far we’ve come this year, which of course called for a good ‘ole fashioned celebration (but really we’d find any reason to throw a party).

We couldn’t think of a better way to toast our third trip around the sun than doing so with everyone who supported us along the way, in addition to some new faces. We headed to one of our fav spots in the Wellington bar scene, Fortune Favours, on a sunny, Wednesday evening. We were apprehensive about how many people would show up to an event mid-week, but turns out people are practically begging for Wednesday night plans.

The more the merrier never felt more true – guests kept arriving, the drinks were a’flowing, and the Fox&Co crew were rockin’ our new jerseys the whole night. On behalf of the critters at Fox&Co, we want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate with us.

For those who couldn’t make it, we were super excited to have a soft launch of our brand refresh. Check out the photos below for a sneak peek of our new logo and swag, along with all the beautiful faces of the people we’re #blessed to call our community.

Many thanks to our photographer Deanna Walker for documenting the evening and to Fortune Favours for hosting our celebration. It’s definitely been one to remember!

We’ve got some big things planned for the next year, so stay tuned!

Starting Up HR At A Startup

Written by Filip Vrnoga, HR Intern

HR as a profession is in an awkward stage - certain industries and businesses have it running more and more on computer power instead of people power. It's hard to argue with the number crunching capabilities of the Silicon Valley’s latest algorithms. Yet, it is these same companies that are eliminating HR and some say evolving them into people teams. Meanwhile, many Fortune 500 companies (1 of which I have firsthand experience with over 6 years) are doubling down on old-school HR architecture, but sending a lot of their processes to the cloud. Workday, Workforce, and Kronos are the standard solutions for what most companies consider a standard problem. This blog’s stance will be that the problem is not at all standard - and solutions need to be as aggressively pragmatic as the employees they serve. The idea of standardizing a solution for different work environments and the people tied to them is ridiculous. The value lies in the people behind Human Resources. This is a team that has the potential to be as creatively cutting edge as they are structured. Starting to sound anything like your engineering team yet, maybe your creatives? Good.

A little about me to set the stage; I’ve always wanted to work in a startup environment - after all it’s the hot thing to do as a millennial amirite? I recognized that the most fitting role for me was a people oriented one, that combined my business savvy and organization management education with my interpersonal skills.  Enter Fox & Co. Design, a motion design studio started in 2015 with an impressive portfolio of clients that clearly is punching well above their weight class. With their desire to implement their first ever HR-anything, I onboarded. Anyone who’s ever worked in any sort of leadership or team-facing role knows the job starts from the first ‘hello’. Relationships begin to form immediately, and navigating them on behalf of the company will be your core function.

When starting from the ground up, I spent a sizeable amount of time compiling resources and doing research to get a pulse on where the motion design industry, HR, and startup culture would intersect. It seems logical that most HR professionals wouldn’t necessarily find work in an industry with which they have advance knowledge of. I certainly had very little design experience, but dedicated reasonable effort to understanding the basics of what the team I was supporting did during their day to day. This augmented my understanding of the business and let me relate well to the team. This gets to the first reason why standardized HR solutions aren’t solutions at all - each team, industry, company, and office has such a unique blend of variables it is impossible to create contingencies for everything and keep things genuine simultaneously.

In one way or another, anyone who’s involved in this career path has to enjoy some level of structure. This will help you as you go through the content creation phase. Building an end to end process requires planning and holistic thinking. As such, I went straight for the concepting board. What I needed to do was fairly clear, and included topics such as recruitment, talent management,  and training. Even with a blank canvas, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when countless resources are available in the HR field, but there is a need to personalize it. Consider what will be most impactful to your startup and meet with your founder to understand the timeline you’ll be working with. Processes, policies, etc. only matter if they can be used, so if you’re creating content that's out of scope for the business I’d recommend revisiting your focus. You’re not future proofing, you’re creating content that will be obsolete before it ever sees the light of day.  

Beyond content creation, I took to gathering feedback and revisions. The only way to mess this stage up, is to not do it. Whether you’re sending out a pulse survey or doing one-on-ones with the team, you need to status with the people your work will be effecting. This is a lesson in humility as well as open and honest communication. Probe the team, have the tough conversations. At this stage I got responses from a grand total of 5 people - insufficient you might think at first glance, but the meat was in between the lines. Consider the workspace and how your current culture (or lack thereof) would scale if given the chance. With that in mind, I saw responses that lined up with known results at the Fortune 500 level.

When I was confident with the final product, I committed to publishing and implementing what I created. This is another stage where your results will vary. Don’t be surprised if you need to go through multiple rounds of feedback or repeat this whole sequence to ensure it meets current needs of the business. Let's talk logistics for a second. Anyone who’s ever sent out a mass email knows that when you to:all you to:nobody in terms of your engagement levels and likelihood of them actually absorbing the information. This is why I took the rollout of my efforts as personally as I did the feedback and revisions phase. Each team member should receive personal messages and a follow up that is relevant to their needs. Speaking of relevance, please don’t expect your engineers to sift through information (or even worse absorb) for your marketing guys - the less streamlined your presentation is the more drop-off you’ll see. Set access rights to appropriate levels and understand that for everyone in the company other than yourself, less is more. Just because you have ‘the big picture’ envisioned in your mind doesn’t mean your team can or should.

So yes, good HR will be creative with people, and they’ll be engineers in the sense that they’re analytical and data driven. As you look at your own team, your own founder, and the business that represents you all - know that none of them will work a day in their lives for you. You’ll be working for them. At the startup level, expect to take the standard role of an HR Generalist to a whole new level. I’ve never seen a slow moving startup, certainly not one that's lasted. Run with what you have, but don’t get overly invested in any single strategy because the people that walk in are different with every passing day.

10 Reasons Fox & Co. Is A Top Tier Creative Workspace

The job hunt can be tough times, commonly plagued with an uncomfortable amount of ambiguity for all parties involved. Striving candidates are challenged to find a workplace that is worth the commitment they’d give and is valuable to their long term plans. Employers are tasked with sifting through applicants hoping they have fitting values and the technical prowess to succeed. And that’s why we’re here. You, us, and a list of 10 candid truths that embody Fox & Co. We share this not in hopes of wooing you (although it’d be nice, we think we’re pretty legit), but to lift the veil of ambiguity and connect with the right talent.

We’re a team, and a whanau, really

In te reo Maori, whanau means family. Lots of workplaces will throw this label around. Not very many authentically feel that way when you settle into your M-F. The small team feel is crucial to us as artists, and we actively take steps to cultivate that culture.

We provide freedom

Unique people deliver unique products. Detailed internal systems have their place, but our creatives have the liberty to do their best work.

We perpetuate genuine feedback

Everyone that comes through our doors has valuable ideas. We gently lead our team to growth by asking open ended questions and listening wholeheartedly always.

We evolve

The creative space is a revolving door of colours and shades of grey. We are as dynamic as the industry we are a part of.

We have team members at every stage in professional development

Having the right professional outlets at work is important for anyone looking to do more in their field. Despite our size, we have a deep international network of industry professionals that we can connect with, including the all-stars under our own roof.

We have distinguished purpose

Our progressive group of critters feel that they are adding value to our company. We learn and enjoy feeling like we have an impact at all levels of our operation.

We make everyone a part of the process

Inclusion is one of our secret ingredients, because we do it like nobody else. The creative process involves experts as much as it does fresh perspectives.

We are global

We build global stories, and support the communities behind them. Whether it be local or international, we put our best foot forward.

We are merit oriented

No politics or hidden agendas. We’re willing to succeed on our own merits - because we believe in ourselves. And we believe in others, too.

We are confident and strong

We push cutting edge ideas that are beyond the ordinary. Our strength resides in our skills to design with intent, meaning, and sensibility.

Meet the Team: Q&A with Carlie and Filip, International Interns

Here at Fox & Co., we like to do something a little special. We have teamed up with the organization International Studies Abroad, and for the past few years we have been taking on international interns. The past couple of months, we have had two interns spending their summer (our winter) with us! We really applaud them for their courage on traveling here from America (especially that daunting 13+ hour flight)! But, down to business, here’s what it has been like being an intern at Fox & Co.

Why New Zealand?

Carlie: I don’t really know, perhaps it was all the beautiful photos I saw posted on instagram? I had never left the U.S. before until now, so there was a small need inside of me to go as far away as humanly possible.

Filip: Because Reddit said so. In all seriousness the sense of adventure is unbeatable, and from all my research I could tell that New Zealand was the place to do it. Between the environment, people, and food I was sold.

What brought you here?

Carlie: I have never been given the opportunity to travel before and it has been something I have always had that feeling of wanderlust inside me. I also believe that everyone should have at least one good adventure in life, and this is going to be mine.

Filip:  Traveling is one of my greatest passions and I commonly feel more comfortable being dropped in a new place than I do sticking around the same spot long term. I also wanted to diversify my resume, and hone in on the career path I was most seriously considering.

Photo by Phyo Thu

Where are you from?

Carlie: I am from a small town in what feels like the middle of nowhere New Jersey.

Filip: I was born in a small Croatian town by the name of Karlovac, and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

What do you study at school?

Carlie: I am a Visual Communication Design major, I also have a minor in Visual Arts as well. I do everything from logos, packaging design, branding, web design, and physical illustrations.

Filip: I’m a Organizational Studies for Business major, with a minor in Technology Management at the University of California, Davis. This includes analysis of businesses, firms, corporations, and markets—nationally and globally—and their place in society.

What do you do at Fox & Co.?

Carlie: Since my time here I have been working on running the social media for the company, as well as assisting with various projects on assignments like sourcing music for animations, taking photos of the team, writing blogs and case studies, project proposals, and whatever else the day may throw at me.

Filip: Envision, build, and implement from the ground up a human resource structure. Develop content for a formal culture book and business guide. Compile resources for training, development, maximizing employee value, talent acquisition and management, employee experience/company culture. Aid the business with internal growth and strategically formulating policies around healthy company practices.

Photo Courtesy of Carlie Viemann (Instagram @cviemann)

What do you think has been the most valuable thing you have learned here?

Carlie: The most valuable thing that I have learned here has been to love what you’re doing and work hard, but make sure you have fun!

Filip: How to navigate and champion the agency life...I’ve got a retail background! Also how to run an end to end component of a business (HR).

What is your critter and why?

Carlie: My critter is a deer! I grew up in a state where they’re EVERYWHERE and I have always loved them. I also find them to be very clumsy animals (which I am very clumsy).

Filip: The wolf! They’re very pack and team oriented animals that support one another while being bold individually. I also relate to their cunning and strategic decision making.

What has been your most favorite experience here in New Zealand? (Show us some pics!)

Carlie: My favorite experience so far here in New Zealand has been picking the end-destination of a trip (Abel Tasman National Park) and kind of just...winging it. My friends and I bought ferry tickets and just figured things out along the way! We ended up doing about a 20 mile (32 kilometer) hike round trip. We camped under more stars than I have ever seen in my entire life, had some Wekas trick us into thinking they were Kiwi birds, and woke up at 4:30 am to hike back (while playing the different LOTR + Hobbit songs).

Filip: I went with a group to Milford Sound as part of a coach tour, which was incredible in itself. The highlight though was taking a helicopter on the way back. We cut straight over the alps and lakes in what was the most picturesque moment of my life. Got the chance to land and walk around twice, once on a glacier and again on a thawed out lake nestled atop a mountain.

Photo Courtesy of Filip Vrnoga. View from the helicopter on my way back from the Milford Sound.

Photo Courtesy of Carlie Viemann (Instagram @cviemann). Tramping down towards the entrance of Abel Tasman National Park.

Favorite Kiwi slang?

Carlie: I am a huge fan of ‘cheeky’, but, also definitely ‘sweet as’...I am very much looking forward to incorporating this back into my everyday usage at home!

Filip: Big fan of ‘keen’, it not the type of word you hear every day and its substitutes get repetitive. Also mandatory Cali shout out to ‘hella’s kiwi cousin, ‘heaps’.

What is your typical day like?

Carlie: My typical day is checking emails, liking as many motion design posts on Instagram as I can possibly find, and snuggling Harley.

Filip: Staying connected with the team is at the heart of what I do. There’s a lot of ideation, writing, feedback, and implementation. Things like surveys and one on one’s to help keep a pulse on the wonderful critters that keep us rolling.

How do you feel about your time here (at the company and New Zealand)?

Carlie: I couldn’t be any happier with my decision to come here. Fox & Co. is absolutely wonderful and I’m truly going to miss working with a group of such talented people. And New Zealand? It hurts a bit to leave knowing that I haven’t seen as much as I wish I could have, but that just means I’ll have to come back ;)!

Filip: Initially I was a little cautious about the idea of working with a motion design studio as someone who doesn’t have a creative bone in his body, and doesn’t have a design background. However the team here really supported my vision for what I wanted to do with HR and got behind what I had to offer. New Zealand is like no other place in the world, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I know I’ll be back.

If a kid walked up to you and asked for your advice, what would be your best tip to give ‘em?

Carlie: My best advice would be “See the world, save all your pennies, quarters, dollars and see the world! Adventure and experience as much as you can! Pick up a camera, sketchbook, anything and bring it with you.”

Filip: I’m big on the idea that, “The extent to which you can walk in someone else’s shoes is a plus for everybody. Open your mind, get up off the couch, move.”

If you could be any animated character, what would it be?

Carlie: I would definitely be Kiki, from Kiki’s Delivery Service, an extremely touching Studio Ghibli film. It follows a young witch embarking on a year-long coming of age tradition, learning all about her powers in the beautiful animation of Hayao Miyazaki. It’s such a sweet film and it oh so reminds me of my very own trip here in New Zealand.

Filip: I’ve gotta go with Sebastian, from Black Butler; a top tier anime about criminal underworld investigations in London with a supernatural twist. Sebastian is a dark horse that keeps things close to the chest, while advising others and orchestrating events as they happen throughout the series.


Meet the Team: Q & A with Alanna, Jr. Producer

What brought you to the windy corner of Wellington? (Side note: She's originally from Toronto!)

Curiosity. After graduating university, I was curious to see what life was like on the edge of the world. I love the mountains and hiking, so I moved from a mountain town in British Columbia, Canada to Queenstown. I only planned on venturing to Queenstown for a 4 month season. After living in the magical South Island for a year, I decided to move to Wellington to pursue more opportunities in film and television. Two years in New Zealand later - I can happily call Wellington my second home.

Photo courtesy of Carlie Viemann

Coming here from Toronto, what was most impactful to you about New Zealand?

 Hailing from the big white smoke of Toronto, I love the small, close-knit community of New Zealand. I always enjoy telling people that there’s about 6 million people living in Toronto, which surpasses the entire population of this little country. It’s a super welcoming corner of the world!

What excites you about working at Fox & Co?

The pack at Fox & Co! They’re a wonderful and quirky group of critters. It’s never a dull moment at our den 🙂

Tell us about your past experiences working in the creative field.

I’m a painter and illustrator myself. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from university in Canada. Since arriving in the North Island, I’ve been navigating the Wellington woodlands as a Production and Art Assistant in film and theatre. When I first moved to Wellington, I worked in the Art Department on Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement’s television series Wellington Paranormal, which was based off of the movie What We Do In The Shadows. It came out last week and it’s definitely worth checking out 🙂

What woodland critter would you describe yourself as and why?

Here at Fox & Co, I define myself as the Beaver (Castor canadensis) of the pack.

bea · ver

\ bē-vər \


  1. Castor canadensis of North America.
  2. Amphibious creature passionate about motion design, details, and logistics.
  3. Monogamous animal committed to its mate and Fox & Co. family.


  1. Work hard.

“Alanna beavered away to keep the projects at Fox & Co. running smoothly.”

Would you consider yourself a hunter or a gatherer?

I’m a Beaver who dabbles as both a hunter and gatherer. I’m always on the lookout to hunt and make opportunities for the pack, whether it’s a new company or freelancer we’d like to work with.

I’d also consider myself a gatherer. Beavers gather materials to build dams and create wetlands upon which many species depend. They’re a keystone species, which means their presence in nature greatly affects other wildlife. As the Junior Producer, the creative critters of Fox & Co. depend on me to cultivate an environment for them to create their best work.

You're a new addition to the crayon box, what colour would you be and why?

The colour would be blood orange. It’s a bundle of creativity and joy with a touch of zest. Oh it’s also my favourite fruit!

If you could be any animated character, who would you be?

A veggie tale! I’d be an animated character in the zine I’ve been creating called “Veggie Tales in Welly.” You’ll have to wait and see how the fruit and legume inspired characters develop For now - here's a picture of the original cartoon series. 😀

Fox&Co Meets AR

Always aspiring to stay ahead of trends in the creative industry, we’ve had our eye on the the AR/VR space for a while now. Recently though, we decided that keeping tabs wasn’t enough and we were eager to get directly involved. Fast-forward to an introduction from a friend and Fox&Co was soon in talks with Plattar, an AR company who’s platform has been coined as the world’s simplest augmented reality creator.

So what exactly is AR? By definition, augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world when viewed through a device (such as a smartphone or tablet), thus creating an enhanced version of reality.

However, AR always seemed like a faraway concept that wasn’t attainable for companies who didn’t have a massive marketing or R&D budget. But nowadays that couldn’t be more further from the truth. With the rush of different platforms to the market, everyone is capable of having this technology at their fingertips, us included.

After working on a few projects with Plattar, we decided to have some fun of our own. As a motion design studio, we have years of designing 2D and 3D models and characters under our belt, so why not take it a step further and launch them into the AR world? With the help of the Plattar app, that’s exactly what we did.

Check out the pictures below to see how we brought the Fox&Co critters to life in AR. 

Or better yet, download the Plattar app, scan the image below and see for yourself! 

1. Go to the app store on your phone
2. Download the Plattar app
3. Open the app on your phone and press “Start scanning”
4. Scan the front of this card image (be patient it might take a little)
5. Watch the magic unfold!

Meet the Team: Q&A with Hamish


Who are you and what is your role at Fox&Co?

Hey there... I'm the 2D Guy at Fox&Co, I pretty much work on most things non 3D related.

How did you end up working at Fox&Co?

Nah, Just a bit of good fortunes really. I just finished study at Yoobee and was working on some freelance with Phyo when he started the company, so essentially I’ve been here since day one!

So Yeah… Destiny…

Photo courtesy of Madison Abernethy

What are you most excited to achieve at Fox&Co?

Working in such a young company really gives me a chance to learn a wide arrange of skills really quickly. Which really gives me the opportunity to move a senior creative position quickly. If I get flown to New York on a company’s expenses that’s when I know I’ll have made it...

Where do you look for inspiration?

My first port of call is Motionographer or Instagram. Otherwise if it’s a style specific work that i’m looking for I’d check out one of my favourite studios in that style. For instance, Golden Wolf, Buck, Le Cube, The Line and Giant Ant.

What does a typical day at Fox&Co look like for you?

Lots of coffee. Plus I’m affectionately known as the Orange Guy and the Dip Guy... aaand the Beer Guy…

What does make working at Fox&Co special?

The team! Having a small team environment is key and having such a young brand really leaves the door open for me to help the company figure out where they want to go. Which also gives me the chance to grow my design skills alongside it. Also going out for beer every Friday is a plus.

What would you like to learn while working at this company?

Everything… No, I’d essentially like to develop my own style of animation/illustration and move more into an art director's role. I’d also like to improve my storytelling skills and make an animated short film – which is hopefully not too far out into the future.

If you could be any animated character, who would you be?

Scooby Doo. He’s a bit of a goofball and I like that. (Thomas the Train is a close second though!)

Critter Q&A: Looking Back on Year 2

As you might have heard, we celebrated our 2nd birthday this year here at Fox&Co (Happy Birthday to us)! From many late nights and amazing projects to marketing interns and Friday team lunches, it has definitely been a year for the books. Speaking of which, we all sat down and had a think about the past year and reflected on our favourite jobs, personal goals and what we think is next for the Fox&Co crew. So, grab a cup a coffee, sit back and get to know the critters a bit better below. Enjoy!

Phyo, The Fox
Founder & Creative Director

This 2nd year in one word:


Greatest achievement as an individual:

Hired a producer and a CPO ( Chief pug officer ).

The most memorable quote at the office:

Nice Draft. When can we see the final?

Greatest achievement as a team:

Created Fox&Co 2 year animation in limited time.

Why are you happy to come to work every morning:

The team.

Which client would you love to work for next year:

HBO, Adidas.

Favourite Friday lunch place:

The Ramen shop

How many cups of coffee per day on average:

3 or more, not less.

Nico, The Squirrel
Motion Designer

This 2nd year in a word:


Greatest achievement as a team:

I’m pretty proud of the PAR (Pitch Approval Ratio) this year.

The most memorable quote at the office:


Greatest achievement as a team:

The Logo TV project as a whole. Solid teamwork.

Why are you happy to come to work every morning:

What could be better than going to a place to do what you love everyday, surrounded by people with the same enthusiasm and goals?

Which client would you love to work for next year:

ESPN or any Sports Network.

Favourite Friday lunch spot:


How many cups of coffee per day on average:

3 to 4 in busy times.

Melissa, The Doe

This 2nd year in a word:

Lit AF.

Greatest achievement as an individual:

I think my greatest achievement so far on my Fox&Co journey has been jumping in head first...with everything. From leading the team on my third day (the boss man was on holiday) to managing projects, designers and interns all at once. Not to mention I was in the middle of settling in a new country on the other side of the world (I'm originally from Portland, Oregon). But more specifically, because we are a small team, we get a lot of say when it comes to the future of the company – which is something really special because I'm very passionate about growing Fox&Co and taking it to the next level. So to be a part of company that has the potential that we do and the fact that I can have a direct role in helping that potential thrive, is probably my greatest achievement here to date.

The most memorable quote at the office:

"Everyone's a pickle. PICKLE RICK."

Greatest achievement as a team:

We've worked on some pretty big projects together and nothing beats the feeling of pressing submit on the final send off (knock on wood that it’s actually the final send off lol). It's pretty amazing how we all come together during a huge job and are working towards the same goal, especially on jobs that are high pressure and that we've invested a lot of our time into. In terms of specific achievements, I would say finding our team's working groove and really nailing down our ability to get shit done. It's not something that happens overnight, and it's a process that we've been really working to improve. Slowly but surely, we've found our magic touch.

Why are you happy to come to work every morning:

Aside from the awesome work we get to do, it definitely has to be the people. #Workfam would be an understatement. Which I suppose is a good thing since we spend more time here than we do at home.

Which client would you love to work for next year:

I would love to expand more into different cities such as Auckland, Melbourne and even the west coast of the States. There are heaps are creative agencies in those areas that I'd love to work with, but in terms of a specific company I think it would be really cool to work with Nike. There are so many avenues we could go with them, but it would be amazing to work with their Nike Los Angeles team who are consistently pushing out edgy content within the sports, hip-hop and fashion realms.

Favourite Friday lunch place:

We've definitely been around the block when it comes to Friday lunch spots, but I'd have to say that I'd be happy going to Five Boroughs every Friday if it came down to it. That chicken burger. Suh good.

How many cups of coffee per day on average:

Probably 2-3 cups of plunger coffee, and maybe a cheeky flat white here and there. Gimme alllll the coffee.

Hamish, The Raccoon
The 2D guy

This 2nd year in a word:


Greatest achievement as an individual:

Answering these questions.

The most memorable quote at the office:

“Little Bits”


Greatest achievement as a team:

5 straight wins playing Paladins.

Why are you happy to come to work every morning:

Free Coffee and i guess the work is fun too..

Which client would you love to work for next year:

Cartoon Network.

Favourite Friday lunch place:

At the Pub...

How many cups of coffee per day on average:

5 - 15.

Callum, The Deer
Motion Designer

This 2nd year in a word:

Exhausilarating (exhausting & exhilarating).

Greatest achievement as an individual:

My greatest achievement is helping build the Fox&Co brand. I have contributed a lot towards the website and branding of Fox&Co and still continue to do so. This made me understand the company morals and goals and makes me proud to be apart of the journey thus far.

The most memorable quote at the office:

“PIIIICKLE RIIIICK” – Everyone at Fox&Co.


Greatest achievement as a team:

I think our greatest achievement is being able to stay calm and not flip out at each other when we’re working on a project late and have a tight deadline.

Why are you happy to come to work every morning:

I am happy because I am working in the field that I love and am surrounded by encouraging and inspiring people everyday.

Which client would you love to work for next year:

I would love to work for Nike. They are always keeping up with trends and producing edgy fresh designs and dope animations.

Favourite Friday lunch place:

The Ramen Shop.

How many cups of coffee per day on average:

Well, It was zero a few months ago.. But now around 2.

Fox&Co Turns 2!

That’s right, this past September we celebrated Fox&Co’s 2nd birthday! The last 365ish days have been filled with hard work, late nights, creativity, excitement and lots of coffee! As we turn 2, we’re looking back at the memories and milestones that happened along the way.

This year, we worked on a lot of interesting projects, collaborated with some amazing clients and really took the opportunity to sharpen our skills. We could go on and on about our various projects, but we’ll spare you and let our showreel do the talking. Take a look below for some of our most recent and proudest work.

We wouldn’t have made it to where we are without all of your support and, of course, our incredible crew of critters. With that, check out some of our favourite moments and quotes from the past year.

Describe the past year in one word:

Phyo, Fox, Founder & Creative Director: Triumph
Nico, Squirrel, Motion Designer: SUPERBUSY
Melissa, Doe, Producer: Lit (AF)
Hamish, Racoon, Motion Designer: Hisotyr!
Callum, Deer, Motion Designer: Exhausilarating (exhausting & exhilarating)

Favourite Friday lunch spot:

Phyo: The Ramen Shop
Nico: The Bresolin
Melissa: Five Boroughs
Hamish: The pub...
Callum: The Ramen Shop

Most memorable quote at the office:

Phyo: “Nice Draft. When can we see the final?”
Nico: “Butterflieeeeeees”
Melissa: “Everyone’s a pickle. PICKLE RICK.”
Hamish: “Little Bits”

For more cheeky quotes and insight into the Fox&Co crew, check out the full team interview HERE.

Finally, we just want to give a big thank you to everyone who has been part of the Fox&Co voyage so far and helping us make this year unforgettable! Here’s to year three!

Meet the Team: Q&A with Melissa

Who are you and what is your role at Fox&Co?

Hi! I'm Melissa and I'm a Producer at Fox&Co.

How did you end up working at Fox&Co?

Well, my partner and I decided to moved to New Zealand from North America (me from Portland, Oregon and him from Vancouver, B.C.) in search of new adventures and a change of pace. We always kind of had our sights set on Wellington, however, we traveled around the country for two months to see the sights and choose a place to live. Needless to say, we stuck with our initial feeling and moved to Wellington. I had been doing freelance social media marketing for a while at this point and realised that I missed the whole #agencylife office vibe. So, I applied to Fox&Co through LinkedIn, had two interviews and started a couple days later.

Photo courtesy of Madison Abernethy

Where do you look for inspiration?

For motion design and industry inspiration as a whole, right now I'm very into scrolling through Instagram. It's a quick and easy way to see some of motion design's best work and to also see what different designs are capable of. In terms of inspiration for my role as a Producer, there are some really great resources out there. From articles and blogs, to project management tools and Pinterest boards, it really just takes a quick Google search and I've found something that's not only inspiring but valuable as well.

What does a typical day at Fox&Co look like for you?

While it might sound cliche, my day doesn't start until I've had a fresh cup of plunger (read: french press) coffee. Pretty sure the rest of the team feels the same, so it's rare for me to come into the office without a pot being already brewed. But after that, I check my emails, have a quick check-in with the team and come up with a game plan for the day / rest of the week. But it really just depends what projects we have going on at that time – some days might include a creative brainstorm and location scout while others might have me Ubering all over town to client meetings or holding a project kick-off meeting.

What does make working at Fox&Co special?

The fact that Fox&Co is made up of a team of six really appeals to me. As such a tight knit group, you rely on one another and you realise quite quickly that your input and ideas not only matter, but are necessary for the company to function at its best. It's a special thing to work at a place where you know you are heard and in many cases see parts of your ideas come to life.

What about Marketing appeals to you?

Initially, marketing appealed to me because it was such a broad topic and could be translated over the majority of (if not all) industries. But after years of working in this field, I've found that the thing about marketing that appeals to me the most is the ability and range to tell stories. Marketing is so much more than just selling a product, it's an avenue for storytelling and it's fascinating to see how it adapts and molds to do its thang throughout vastly different industries.

What would you like to learn while working at this company?

As I mentioned before, since I don't have a background in motion design, anything I can learn about the industry would be a win for me. However, I would be really interested in learning how to illustrate in Adobe Illustrator though I've dabbled in it before, I love seeing the rad artwork that the team comes up with and would be keen to learn how to do it myself. In terms of being a producer, I'm looking forward to learning the in's and out's of all things production, timelines, creative strategy, motion design and, of course, learning to walk the fine line between advocating for both my team and our clients.

If you could be any animated character, who would you be?

Kim Possible. She's a cheeky, low-key badass who wears a black crop top – need I say more?