Bear Witness: Take Action

Say Their Names, Demand Justice was a 90 minute global special focusing on social justice featuring creators, prominent activist voices, experts and celebrities along with powerful music performances to raise awareness, and benefit social justice efforts. 

News of yet another name, George Floyd, being added to the list of African Americans senselessly killed at the hands of law enforcement shook America to its core sparking an outcry for justice and reminded an entire nation how much work was still to be done. In an effort to speak up, YouTube Originals offered just that, a night to speak out, learn and make a difference.

Working with Fly on the Wall and YouTube Originals we created a digital broadcast package for the show. Our aim was to place emphasis on the names of all those who’d lost their lives. Our treatment incorporated the names and formed the visuals.


Lower Thirds & Titles

Background Loops



Initial Explorations

Credits -

Directed by Fox&Co Design

Produced & Directed by: Fox & Co Design 

Creative Direction: Phyu Thu & Nico Speziali

Design: Nico Speziali

Animation: Joerg Fuchs

Audio and Sound Design: Fox & Co Design | +64 4 39 20 007
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