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We are looking for a Mid Level Motion Designer

Job Title Mid level Motion Designer Location Reporting to Wellington Office / Remote Work Are you a storyteller with the urge to continuously push creative boundaries, a distinct eye for detail, and are passionate about putting your ideas in motion? Fox & Co is looking for a mid-level Motion Designer to join the pack in […]

We are looking for a Senior Motion Designer!

Fox & Co Design Job Posting  Job Title Senior Motion Designer Location Reporting to Wellington Office / Remote Work Job Description Fox & Co is looking for a Senior Motion Designer to join the team at Fox & Co. HQ in Wellington, New Zealand. This is a full-time position. About Us Established and headquartered in […]

Honouring the great, Stanley Kubrick.

Illustration credit: Sissi Nguyen   “If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.”  -  Stanley Kubrick   An idea that has formed the cornerstone of Nico, our Creative director’s career in motion design. Recently, Nico completed a memorial piece which screams Kubrickesque. Nico wanted to explore how one particular shot was lit, […]

The future of advertising with mobile video

  2020 saw the world come to a standstill with countries going into lockdown across the globe. As people were forced to stay in doors, they picked up their mobile devices. Not only did this mean that people were now spending more time on social media than ever before, but they were consuming content they […]

2020: What a year!

This year has been one crazy ride. It will sure be one to remember! In amidst all this craziness, Fox&Co have managed to pump out some amazing pieces of work, some of these were created while being locked up in our houses! For our 2020 wrap-up, Fox&Co Design did a quick-fire Q&A session. Read on […]

We're hiring! Mid-Senior level Art Director

Fox & Co Design is looking for an Mid-Senior level Art Director with strong Graphic Design Skills to join our Wellington based team. About Us We’re proudly local, and our reach is global. Fox & Co’s headquarters are here in Wellington with a satellite office in New York.  Being part of the Fox & Co […]

We're hiring!

Fox & Co Design is looking for a Junior to Intermediate level, Studio Manager to join our Wellington based team. About Us We’re proudly local, and our reach is global. Fox & Co’s headquarters are here in Wellington with a satellite office in New York.  Being part of the Fox & Co team gives you […]

Top 7 Motion Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

With Instagram being one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, it is vital for any motion designer to stay up to date with the most popular motion design Instagram accounts. Luckily for you, we have curated a list of the top 7 motion design Instagram accounts to follow. Whether you’re an aspiring character designer or [...]

Meet the Team: Q&A with Ange

At Fox & Co, we love gathering new pack members from all over the globe. Introducing Ange! She's travelled from South Africa to join our team. We had a quick coffee and Q&A with her. Tell us about you and your role at Fox & Co. I’m South African - born and bred. I’m a […]

What are the biggest mistakes you can make as an animator?

Fox & Co Logo, Sticker Pack, Tyler Miller Star Wars Zoetrope, Callum Mudgway Trailblazers Awards GFX Package Concept, Nico Speziali

Fox & Co Turns 4: Q&A with our Founder, Phyo Thu

Here at Fox & Co, we aim to create meaningful motion design. Since 2015, our Founder and Creative Director, Phyo Thu, has been working hard to achieve this goal, making sure that our content does more than simply meet expectations. We are proud of all of the work we have done and wanted to reflect […]

Design Studio or Freelancer - Which Is The Right Move For Your Project?

Naturally, the creative industry is as diverse and complex as the work it delivers. Artists and designers come from all walks of life, their unique backgrounds molding their different perspectives and lifestyles. To survive in this competitive and innovative industry, these professionals are tasked with catching lightning in a bottle. On command. With every project. […]

We’re Hiring - Animation Producer

We’re searching for an extraordinary Producer to join our team and help fuel our continued growth. The role: Key responsibilities include: Create and maintain timelines, schedules, and budgets for projects at all phases: pitch, concepting, design/discovery, production, and delivery/install Develop SOWs, pitches, and proposals Lead a cross-functional team of designers, animators, illustrators, and 3rd party […]

Fox&Co. or Pug&Co.?

I wake to the pitter patter of footsteps as Dad approaches my suite, just as he does every morning. “Harley”, he calls, “Harley it’s time to wake up!” I spring to my little pug paws and gaze up, waiting for my beloved dad to appear. When he moves the puppy gate, he greets me with […]

Commemorating ANZAC Day through visuals

This Thursday, April 25 the nation celebrates ANZAC Day to commemorate the New Zealanders who lost their lives in war and also to honour the returned servicemen and women. We wanted to take the time to recognise and remember those in New Zealand and Australia who served during the First World War. On ANZAC Day, […]

Fox&Co. turns 3!

Yep, you read that right, Fox&Co Design has officially turned three years old. This past year has been our busiest yet, filled with late nights (and too much take-out), exciting projects (be on the lookout for our updated reel), and lovely clients (new and returning)! We decided to pump the breaks for a night to […]

Starting Up HR At A Startup

Written by Filip Vrnoga, HR Intern HR as a profession is in an awkward stage - certain industries and businesses have it running more and more on computer power instead of people power. It's hard to argue with the number crunching capabilities of the Silicon Valley’s latest algorithms. Yet, it is these same companies that [...]

10 Reasons Fox & Co. Is A Top Tier Creative Workspace

The job hunt can be tough times, commonly plagued with an uncomfortable amount of ambiguity for all parties involved. Striving candidates are challenged to find a workplace that is worth the commitment they’d give and is value added to their long term plans. Employers are tasked with sifting through applicants hoping they have fitting values and the technical prowess to succeed. And that’s why we’re here. You, us, and a list of 10 candid truths that embody Fox & Co. We share this not in hopes of wooing you (although it’d be nice, we think we’re pretty legit), but to lift the veil of ambiguity and connect with the right talent.

Meet the Team: Q&A with Carlie and Filip, International Interns

Here at Fox & Co., we like to do something a little special. We have teamed up with the organization International Studies Abroad, and for the past few years we have been taking on international interns. The past couple of months, we have had two interns spending their summer (our winter) with us! We really [...]

Meet the Team: Q & A with Alanna, Jr. Producer

We've added a new junior producer to our pack! Click to read on about Alanna, a new critter who's come a very long way to join us, in a warm, fuzzy welcome.

Fox&Co Meets AR

Always aspiring to stay ahead of trends in the creative industry, we’ve had our eye on the the AR/VR space for a while now. Recently though, we decided that keeping tabs wasn’t enough and we were eager to get directly involved. Fast-forward to an introduction from a friend and Fox&Co was soon in talks with Plattar, an AR company who’s platform has been coined as the world’s simplest augmented reality creator.

Meet the Team: Q&A with Hamish

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Designer at a motion design studio? Look no further. Find out the story behind our Raccoon, Hamish, and his journey at Fox&Co. Read on to find out more.

Critter Q&A: Looking Back on Year 2

As you might have heard, we celebrated our 2nd birthday this year here at Fox&Co (Happy Birthday to us)! From many late nights and amazing projects to marketing interns and Friday team lunches, it has definitely been a year for the books. Speaking of which, we all sat down and had a think about the past year and reflected on our favourite jobs, personal goals and what we think is next for the Fox&Co crew.

Fox&Co Turns 2!

That’s right, this past September we celebrated Fox&Co’s 2nd birthday! The last 365ish days have been filled with hard work, late nights, creativity, excitement and lots of coffee! As we turn 2, we’re looking back at the memories and milestones that happened along the way.

Meet the Team: Q&A with Melissa

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Producer at a motion design studio? Look no further. From full inboxes to empty coffee mugs, find out the story behind our Doe, Melissa, and her journey at Fox&Co. Read on to find out more…

Meet the Team: Q&A with Nico

Meet Nico, also known as the Squirrel. After moving to New Zealand from Argentina with his wife, he quickly started working at Fox&Co as a motion designer. In this interview, we asked him about life as a motion designer, what inspires him and which TV show universe would he like to be in. Read on to find out more...

Inside Motion Design Meetups: A Date Night with National Park Studios

Since 2013, Motion Design Meetups have gathered a collective of motion design enthusiasts, hobbyists, newbies and veterans from all over Wellington to celebrate and discuss the work...

Fox & Co's First Birthday

It’s been a long year, and a busy one, since we started up Fox & Co. We’ve drunk more than 2300 cups of coffee, helped grow the Motion Design Wellington meetup...

Meet the Team: Q&A with Callum

Meet Callum, also known as the Deer. After doing a BA of Design Innovation, he did an internship at Fox&Co and then started as a junior motion designer. In this interview, we asked him about life as a motion designer, what inspires him and which animated character he would be. Read on to find out more...

Why 3D Visualisations Are the Future of Advertising

3D visualisations are not a new breakthrough. As the “secret weapon” of the advertising industry, they have been around for quite a while. In fact, you are probably looking at some every day without even noticing...

How to Get the Best Use Out of Your Explainer Video

So, you have this amazing explainer video sitting around on your computer. It is perfect in every sense: It is beautifully designed, it tells an engaging story about your business or product and it truly communicates what your brand is all about. But what happens now?

ANZAC Day – Teaching History Through Images

History can be complex and hard to grasp. In school, all of us got bored at some point – maybe because there were too many dates, maybe because it happened too far away. But still, our history has an impact on our present and on our future, and it’s important to remember. This Monday, we’re celebrating ANZAC day to remember...

Being An Intern at Fox&Co: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Every now and then, Fox&Co invites a very special person to become a woodland critter and do an internship with us. Michelle was our intern from January to March 2016. She studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, doing a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. After completing most of her credits, she had some time left before graduation. So Michelle came up with a plan…

Why We Use Motion Design to Visualise Data

Do your stakeholders struggle to understand the data you present? Do your customers get bored when you show them your latest reports and spreadsheets? If yes, it’s time to think again. Yes, big data can be very challenging. It’s complex, and there is a lot of it. It’s hard to make sense of, and even harder to explain it to other people. But there are other ways to share your data – ways that won’t make your audience fall asleep or despair...

Explain Your Business or Idea in a Simple and Stunning Way

Being a new player in the startup world is challenging, especially if nobody knows what you’re actually doing. To have a great idea is one thing, but communicating its benefits to potential customers is something quite different, and often, something very difficult...

Welcome to the Fox&Co Blog!

We, the creative critters of Fox&Co, have decided to take up a new challenge and start a blog. We want to share the things we are passionate about and give you a chance to get to know our world and us...