Artists. Misfits. Wild Cards.

About Fox&Co.

Ruffling feathers in Wellington, New Zealand since 2015, we are a collective of creatures in all shapes and sizes, gathered by a common passion for motion graphics to charm and rock the world with our prowess. We innovate, strategize, conceptualize and design beautifully and logically. We make sure we’ve covered all the bases and create experiences felt beyond the screen. Our work reflects our approach: transparent, genuine, and quirky. We shoot high, but we keep grounded to what’s true to our nature.

Can’t find a path through the woodlands? With decades of experiences under our belt, we’ve worked with advertising agencies, leading brands, and local start-ups to produce content for television commercials, broadcast design, explainer animations, online videos, product visualisation and more. We are creatures of direction and solutions. We can lead you out of the woods. | +64 4 39 20 007
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