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Meet The Team

Phyo Thu
Founder & Creative Director

Phyo has a long track record working in design and animation – from small production studios and award-winning agencies to VFX companies like Park Road Post and Weta Digital. After gaining a great deal of knowledge and experience, he started a creative studio called Fox & Co Design in 2015. The idea behind Fox&Co is to bring like-minded creatives together who strive to inspire, create and delight with visual stories told beyond the ordinary.

Phyo has a relentless passion for design, photography, and animation which lead him to translate ideas to meaningful and beautiful visuals.

Shahir Daud
Executive Producer

Our New York based Executive Producer Shahir has an extensive background in live action directing, editing and motion design. Shahir brings a wealth of experience working for brands such as Viacom, MTV, Bravo, LogoTV, Porsche, Revlon and PepsiCo.

His speciality music videos for Nigel Stanford (Cymatics, Automatica) blend real science and ingenious visual effects to dazzling effect and have been featured on CNN, Gizmodo, BBC, Slate, Huffington Post and The Verge.

Shahir is passionate about design focused storytelling and crafting inventive visuals that defy reality.


Melissa Buisán

Over her two years as the Producer at Fox & Co, Melissa has worked on a wide range of projects. As the main point of contact, Melissa oversees every project at Fox & Co. Her clients include Vox Media, Slack, MTV, EYELEVEL, WW100, NZSTA, and Mitsubishi Electric to name a few.

She’s also worked as an Account Manager and in Client Services for a variety of US based agencies. Melissa has mastered the art of communication and is dedicated to ensuring the best quality of work is produced.

Alanna Sulz

With years of freelance film production under her belt, Alanna is a seasoned creative when it comes to working in film. She's been involved with a variety of projects including work as an Art and Production Assistant for Maori Television, Ruckus Media, Circa Theatre, the New Zealand Festival, and NZ Documentary Board.

With knowledge of both the creative and production side of things, Alanna is known for guiding projects at Fox & Co from conception to completion within budget and without compromising quality. She has a passion for storytelling and giving a voice to stories that might otherwise go untold.


Art Director

Nico Speziali
Art Director

Hailing from Argentina, Nico has over a decade of experience as an Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Motion Designer. He has a keen eye for design and has been overseeing the Art Department team at Fox&Co for the past three years. Nico’s currently pursuing his PhD in Art Direction at the esteemed BASAD, which is part of Barcelona Design University. He remains curious and is always one step ahead of upcoming trends and techniques in the motion design and creative industry.

Callum Mudgway
Motion Designer

Having joined the Fox&Co team over 3 years ago, Callum has the ability to tackle both 2D and 3D design. He’s always ready to delve into every aspect of our projects from concepting to style framing, storyboarding, animating and leading both freelancers and the team. With interests in both motion and interactive design, Callum is always at the forefront of helping the team produce unique and cutting-edge content.

Linus Nelson
Motion Designer

Linus takes care of every aspect of 2D animation. As an avid filmmaker, he also has plenty of experience shooting and editing. His knack for storytelling consistently shines through in his work, whether he’s editing our internal videos or adding his flare to a client project. Linus doesn’t stop until the problem is solved and the story is told.

hello@foxandco.design | +64 4 39 20 007
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