2020: What a year!

December 31, 2020

This year has been one crazy ride. It will sure be one to remember!
In amidst all this craziness, Fox&Co have managed to pump out some amazing pieces of work, some of these were created while being locked up in our houses!

For our 2020 wrap-up, Fox&Co Design did a quick-fire Q&A session. Read on to find out what we thought our peaks and pits were, our goals for 2021 and the memories we will keep from 2020.

2020 summed up in 3 words :

Emotional rollercoaster ride.

There were some stand out times for Fox&Co, where we wanted to feel good, but at the same time we all felt deeply for people all over the world who were not doing so well. With the majority of our team based in New Zealand, we managed to escape the worst of COVID-19 and its implications.

What peaks did we get to enjoy? 

The overall re-steering of the company was a huge success; we came out of lockdown strong, determined and ready to roll. Team members took on new responsibilities and had some positive challenges. Phyo had the best birthday present ever when we found out we had won the Golden Road Brewing pitch! Woohoo! Ange had a huge peak as she set up her new life here in NZ (did you know Ange came all the way from South Africa to work with us?! Check out her story on her welcome blog post). Plus, we got to attend the Welly 2020 Gold Awards as finalists!


Naturally, the next question is what were the pits?

We all felt that we put a lot of our life on hold when NZ went into lockdown. The fact that these things were out of our control made it difficult. Fox&Co kept super busy during the lockdown, which meant that we continued working hard, just from our homes instead of the nice warm office! Sometimes we worked just a little too hard and it meant that the days started rolling into one, we lost track of time and some of us didn’t know how to switch off. Our team has family spread world wide and it has been a while that we haven’t seen them. Sending virtual hugs to our families across the globe, we miss you!

2020 moments that we will remember forever:

  •  March 23rd, when Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that the nation would be going into full lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We thought the world was ending!
  • Daily check ins with the team via zoom
  • Nico recalls walking down the streets of Wellington at 2pm on a Tuesday to collect a monitor from the office and ‘it felt like a scene from The Walking Dead. Nobody around.’ Gives us goosebumps thinking about it!
  • Our EOY team trip to the wineries in Martinborough - so much fun in the sun!


Things that actually went well that we were grateful for:

We made a really good effort to check in on each other while in our separate working spaces, you’d often find the guys playing online games together in their downtime. Sometimes a little too long with partners wondering if we were going to join them at dinner or not. Sorry fam! We created a crazy synergy and everyone fell into a smooth groove.  While at home, Phyo sent us a little treat to brighten our day - a mixed pack of beers! So we jumped on a zoom on a Friday evening and had some really great organic conversations. We sure do love a good craft beer, thanks Phyo!

Biggest lessons we learnt this year:

Do what you love, be kind, trust your instincts. 

Our goals for 2021:

Getting our new project out successfully. Watch this space, we have an exciting project in the works! We cannot wait to share it with you! Fox&Co had a huge win this year with the Golden Road project, so we want to continue the wins in 2021, making sure it wasn’t just a stroke of luck. Fingers crossed!

If someone had a magic wand and could grant us anything right, what would Fox&Co wish for?

A teleporting device to take some of us to our families across the globe! For the rest of us; we just want to travel again, Facebook keeps showing memories “on this day” of us sunbathing in exotic places with a cocktail in hand - it’s painful to see!!

And that’s a wrap. Big things ahead for Fox&Co. We will keep you posted, so watch this space.

Let’s go 2021!