World of Wearable Art Promo 2018


Who Was Involved

Client: WoW
Editor: Charlie Bleakley
Producers: Melissa Buisan, Charlie Bleakley
Creative Direction: Phyo Thu
Art Direction: Nico Speziali
3D Artists: Nico Speziali, Callum Mudgway
Compositing: Nico Speziali, Callum Mudgway

About The Project

The World of Wearable Art (WOW) is a renowned international design competition that has a unique theme every year. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, we were asked to design a commercial that would reflect the phenomenon that is WOW. Using footage of past performances, we developed a piece that is visually captivating and portrays a unimaginable experience.

What We Did

Concepting, Storyboarding, Style-framing, 2D Motion Design, 3D Motion Design, Compositing, Colour Grading, Animation

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WOW 30s Master v01_90000
WOW 30s Master v01_90001
WOW 30s Master v01_90002
WOW 30s Master v01_90005
WOW 30s Master v01_90003
WOW 30s Master v01_90007
WOW 30s Master v01_90006
WOW 30s Master v01_90008
WOW 30s Master v01_90009